Top 7 Strongest Genius World Record

The boy showed his muscle strength.

World Top 7 Strongest Genius World Record

Creating a world record is not an easy thing
Making a world record means something that no one has done so fast before today Making these world records is the third difficult task But the name of the creator of this is included in the Guinness Book of the World Records. World record can be of any kind Because the Guinness Book records every record that is unique and surprising What no one has done before today That is impossible for others and different from others World records are also extremely dangerous and peculiar. Some world records are also such that a record like that does not have time in the world again. Today we will know as well as strange world records that will make your heart beat faster. So without wasting time we go towards our list

Number.1 steel man of india

As you know, India third largest country in the world in making world records. Aman Singh Steel Man in the World hails from Haryana, is famous all over the world. Let us know why we came at number one in our list. Aman Singh has done more than two thousand stunts To lift a man weighing 65 kg with his teeth Or to stop 20 22 people with the power of their arms Have to bear your hands after others or pass a truck over yourself Aman Singh has done so many dangerous stunts Aman Singh has won many world records but has not yet Guinness Book of World It is expected that in the coming days it will get its name included in the Guinness Book of World Records. In 2009, he got the  of Steel Man of India in Mr. India to be held in India today. Let us tell you that 15000 Sikhs took part in this competition All those lost

Number.2 David blaine

This is the very famous magician of America He is 47 years old It has appeared in many famous TV shows and movies. By the way, David is known for his many different magic tricks But David did such a magic on 5 April 1999 In which they got themselves locked in glass Closed him in a coffin and buried it in water and was able to keep a coffin full of water on it So people can see them clearly Gandhi’s point is that David spent 7 days in this coffin without eating anything. And got his name recorded in the Guinness Book of World Apart from this, there are many such magic as a big needle Cross the arm or stay under water  A lot of magic that surprises the viewer

Number.3 Vispi Kharadi & Vispi Kasad

Vispi kasad is a famous martial artist from India He shared his partner Vispi Kharadi Together with his partner, in 2005, he set the world record for the most watermelon bites on his stomach. He broke the US world record by cutting 49 watermelons on his stomach with the help of his sword. How dangerous was this sword blow, that if a little sword were to move too hard, then the partner’s stomach could rip. Vispi Kasad and his team have also won many world records. From blindfolding to cutting vegetables on your partner’s stomach World record like a banana filled sandwich cutting its head form above the head Having done such very dangerous stunts, he has got quite a world record.

Number.4 Holding breath

Holding your breath for the longest time If a common person is talked about, then a common person can stop the contention with his breath only at most 2 to 3 minutes. And a trend man can hold his breath for 9 minutes. The person who belongs to Spain is named ALEIX SEGURA On 28 February 2016 by this person Not 8 or 10 minutes Holding his breath under water for 24 minutes 3 seconds, got his name included in the Guinness Book of World Records ALEIX SEGURA practiced for many years to make this world record

Number.5 The Balancing Art

Just think what a pot of water should be placed on you and you are told that you have to climb the stairs fast without putting your hand And that too 97 steps in 1 minute But two boys, Vietnamese have made such a world record that we cannot even make it by placing water on the head. In this world record, one boy raised another bird by lifting the other boy upside down on his head That in just 1 minute Such a wonderful Stunt  that many people had gathered in Spain to see them. It was as simple to see this Stunt  as it was in real danger If the balance of even a single person was out even a little, then the person above could be killed.

Number.6 Kevin Fast

This 57 year-old man from Canada It has won around 32 Guinness Book of World Records. If they are called the strongest old age in the world then it will not be wrong On September 17, 2009, this man pulled the world record by pulling a plane of 188830 Apart from this, I have also got an I world record Like pulling 15 cars together He has been given the title of world’s most powerful pastor in the Guinness Book of World Records

Number. 7 Olga Liashchuk

Olga from Ukraine It’s a girl And this is a unique Guinness Book of World Record It can be broken by pressing more and more watermelons in his Thai in 1 minute As you all know that Thai massless  does not have this much power Can break a hard thing like watermelon so easily But Olga had too much power in it, he has broken 3 watermelons in 14 seconds and has registered his name in the Guinness Book of World Records. In 2014, he became the first world record holder of Ukraine by making this world record.


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