World 10 most expensive first-class flight

World 10 most expensive first-class flight
World 10 most expensive first-class flight

Following is the list of World 10 most expensive first-class flight.

Qantas airline comes in at number 10 

 Most expensive first-class flight in the world Qantas Comes at number 10 

 Qantas is a top-class airline company in Australia Qantas The airline has 126 jets. It covers 86 destination As soon as you book the first-class ticket of the Qantas airline, you get a ride till the VIP launch of the Qantas airline present in the world Where other passengers are jailed while waiting You relax at the first-class launch of the Qantas airline from relaxing Once you reach the seat of the ship, where you get your private suite Which includes this seat, which you can make your bed if needed. If the journey is long, you are also given a pillow and blanket Also a small bag is provided to you by Qantas In which all the material to be used in the toilet is given, which is specially prepared for you. Unique to you in Qantas food onboard the Food is prepared and given Meaning you enjoy Five Star Hotel at the height of 30000 feet, Qantas Airline tickets start at $ 5000, And the farther the temple, the more fun, The more expensive the ticket will be.

 Number 9 Malaysia airlines price $ 6000 

 Malaysia airline arrives at number 9 Whose first-class flight starts at $ 6000 Here also you are seated in a First-class Lounge waiting for the plane Which is quite posh and luxurious You are given a cabin as soon as you arrive in the ship Where the bed is opened by making a suit Malaysian Airline is famous in the world because of its excellent Food Even why not here at the height of 30000 feet Airline takes chief with you, The most important thing about this first-class airline is their multimedia system On which you can watch movies and also enjoy music.

 Number 8 British airways Price $ 9000 

 The world-famous British Airways comes at number eight The one who makes the luxury rain before you reach the ship Where another airline gives you free lunch at VIP Longue open Spa treatment is also arranged for you there Here also you get a separate room in the plane where your Seat bed is made Luxury levels are slightly higher here you are given free use of washroom Kit and night suits and trouser are also given If you have brought your laptop with you, you are also given Socket to charge in your private cabinHere you are given a proper three-course meal in Food British Airways tickets start at $ 9000 and go up to $ 25000 

 Number 7 Asiana airline Price $ 12000 

You will have your room at 30,000 feet high, and it has two doors. At number 7 we have Asiana Airlines whose private cabin has increased more than all other airlines. Here you have your own personal bad There is also a 32-inch LCD. Asiana Airlines is a South Korean airline is very famous because of his guest protocol. If you are not travelling alone, then there is a seat present for your partner too. Apart from this, when you buy the first-class ticket of Asiana airline, here you also get the bar appearance. Apart from this, free satellite phone and free Wi-Fi can also make Asiana Airlines’ passenger calls.

 Number 6 Lufthansa airline Price $ 12500 

 Number 6 is Germany’s largest airline with first-class tickets starting at $ 12500. Here you do not even have to wait at the waiting launch. Book tickets, you also get a private driver and travel. These people go straight home to pick you up on flight timings and hold your luggage. The airline sent limousine car takes you directly to the runway. You land at the door of the plane. You get a complete bed in first class, and even Great bed for sleeping too Here passenger gets a full bag gift for use in the washroom. The Food here prepares an expert chief. 

 Number 5 All Nippon Airways Price $ 13000 

 Japan’s largest airline at number five comes to All Nippon Airways. This airline is famous all over the world because of its non-stop flight. This means that this airline’s light reaches from one city to another without any stay All Nippon’s VIP cabin looks like an office cabin. This is a Japanese airline so the electronic product Is top of the line Exist for use In addition to the 4k plasma screen here Sony headphones are also available with Noise cancellation to Come with Here you also get a bag full of high-quality skin products to use in the washroom And also you are given a night suit to relax You can have all this fun with a one-way ticket for $ 13000

 Number 4 Etihad airways Price $ 17000 

 Etihad airways UAE comes at number four Whose the first-class ticket starts at $ 17000 is much higher than all airways. Still, here you Get that experience nowhere In Etihad Airways you are not given a small thick cabin in the air. Yet, the whole apartment is provided to you Here you get separate seats and beds apart The leather bed here is 7 feet long You can imagine how big this room will be Along with the washroom, there is also where you can do your makeup Can also be prepared before landing with flight The suit you are given for sleeping in this Etihad Airways is Italian Made When bored with this room, there is also a launch in the floor above Where you can enjoy.

 Number 3 Emirates airline Price $ 23000 

UAE airline once again among the world’s top 10 airlines First class tickets of this airline start at $ 23000. It comes at number 3 on our list Where Etihad airline gives you your apartment in the sky; Emirates airline gives you your house in the air Here you get a private area in the first-class ticket Which you can also enjoy your privacy by closing the doors Apart from this, there is a private Bar in your room where different types of drinks are present Along with this, you are also given a screen in a class, a night suit and the world’s fastest Internet. Above all, here you also have a shower in a room where you can take a shower. To be used in the washroom, which is given to the backup of toiletry, it contains similar to the world’s famous brands. The Food here is prepared on your order, and the food utensils here are of the renowned brand of UK.

Number 2 Singapore airline price $ 25000 

At number two on our list comes the Singapore Air Line where you are also given a double bed. What do you have to do with this double bed, we leave it to you Here you are given a whole room Where you plasma screen with These third expensive Italian Made Night Dresses are also provided to wear And Food is given three-course miles Singapore Airlines flight you can book for $ 25000 By the way, this Singapore Airlines room is excellent for honeymooners. 

 Number 1 Cathay Pacific Airline Price $ 30000 

Cathay Pacific airline number comes out among the world’s In Cathay Pacific airline, you are given no Regular chair but a massage chair to sit on Usually, passengers get tired of sitting while travelling by airline Cathay Pacific Airline has also resolved this issue of yours You can also take a massage on your seat while sitting here. Cathay Pacific plane Only six seats are available in the first-class Most first-class tickets to bring people in business, so they have designed their first-class seats in a similar way You can also make your heart a bed and can make your office work by making beds. As soon as you book a ticket here, you are asked what you will eat, and you are given Your favorite dish around the world. Here a private assistant and driver are also arranged to bring you from home and leave. You can enjoy all this fun in a $ 30000 one way flight. 

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