Most Dangerous Top 7 Railway Track In The World

Top 7 Dangerous Railway Bridge in The World

A stop warning sign on the rails in the station

Top 7 Dangerous Railway Bridge in The World

Number 7 The Death Railway Burma

The death railway Burma this railway goes from Bangkok Thailand to Burma. Burma Railway is also known as death
Railway. Because one lakh worker died while doing it Most of them were prisoners Some die after falling in the river, some have committed suicide. Even today, while passing through this railway train, people often see the spirit of those dead people. Whose witness is the resident of local
people Due to this it is also known as  Death Railway.

Number 6 Maeklong Railway Market Thailand

Seeing the railway line, you will go to the shocked  because this railway passes through a very crowded place and market. People sell their goods by putting shops on the side of the railway tracks And as soon as the train arrives, these people pick up their luggage and re-attach their luggage as soon as they go to the train. Due to the crowd  here and the tight market, there is a fear of accident all the time

Number 5 Landwasser Viaduct Switzerland

This track is 213 feet high When the train passes through this truck, the lyrics of work and the deep moat below forget the heartbeat of the passengers sitting inside. Due to the cold in landwasser viaduct Switzerland, the track is also very cold.

Number 4 dDevil’s Nose Train Ecuador

By the name of this railway track, you must have known its dangerous. The train running on this railway track is called Devil’s nose train. If you are thinking of traveling on this railway track, then write now that this journey will be the most dangerous success in your life. This railway track is at 9000 feet above sea level. Due to the high mountains on one side and the deep moat on the other side, this track makes the railway track number four in the world. It is also very dangerous because of looking at the railway track

Number 3 Aso Minami Route Japan

This railway track is Japan’s most active fire This railway, close to fire, is the most dangerous railway track at number 3 in the world Because of which the fear of the break of the fire profession Which happens every time to travelers Due to the smoke and heat rising from this fire, many travelers have not become free from many diseases.

Number 2 Chennai to Rameswaram Route India

This railway track of India is the second most dangerous railway track in the world. Reason railway track descending from the sea The hair passes through the waves of the sea This scene would surely be creepy When every moment it is off, a sea wave will drop the train down the track This railway track built since 1914 is also dangerous due to the old

Number 1 ND&W Railway Route Indiana

American state Indiana this railway route comes at number one in the world’s most dangerous railway track Track total zigzag Up Down Right Left I am Tamil on zigzag tracks The  train also descends from the track due to the design of this track. Even if you are saved from an accident by traveling in this train, then the joy of your body will be difficult from one place to another.


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