Important Benefits of Music in Our Schools

Important Benefits of Music in Our Schools
Important Benefits of Music in Our Schools

It all started with a Heartbeat.

Music can describe as art in the form of sound. here you will come to know Important Benefits of Music in Our Schools. It is a medium through which people can connect and express their emotions. However, it can be a sign of life, as well. Just a simple ‘thum’ can tell a medical sonographer that a precious child is on its way and become one of the most unforgettable experiences in an expecting mother’s life. The music derives from a beat, one in particular which we first hear in the womb. It is with the sound of a heartbeat where it all starts. The first music we listen to as living creatures is our mother’s heartbeat. Our mothers’ heartbeat becomes music to our ears during the seven to nine months we spend inside of them. This is where we first experience how music can affect our emotions. With the rhythm of our mothers’ heart, we can sense what they are feeling. We feel comforted with the calm thumbing, lub-dub, lub-dub Our mothers’ heartbeat is where music begins. Although different music genres, ranging from classical to hip-hop, are heard in various places worldwide, the music that comes from the heart is universal. This is why, even though some disagree, it is fair to say that the best music for learning is a mother’s heartbeat.

After we are born, we begin to learn. We acquire the abilities that help us understand how to eat, how to crawl and how to speak. Along the journey of life, our mothers and their heartbeats stay by our side as long as they can. They both serve as a blanket that protects us yet wrap us in their comfort at the same time. Research has proven that a mom’s heartbeat is therapeutic to their babies. Since we are babies, we learn to sense our mothers; we feel at ease when we hear our mother’s heartbeat because it is what we learned and heard when we were just fetuses in the womb. When a baby cries, it is put in ease when [s]he is in their mother’s arms. As babies, our mother’s heartbeat is the best music to listen to because it makes us feel safe. A mother’s heartbeat tends to have a steady rhythm. When outside music has a fast rhythm, it makes our hearts beat faster, while slower rhythms make our hearts beat slower. This shows that outdoor music and a heartbeat correlate. Once we feel our mother’s heartbeat rhythm, we tend to feel the same way. This indicates that there is also a correlation between a mother’s natural music and their kids.

Our mothers’ music provides us with a calm environment which is an essential factor to learn. Hearing ones’ mothers’ heartbeat can put one at ease. It is music that if one stops hearing can put one in distress. A mother’s heartbeat can support and reinforce a learning environment. A child knowing their mother is there for them to build their confidence to experience new thing. Having support can make someone take risks because they know someone will always have their back.

When we have our mothers’ heartbeats around, we learn. We learn through the stuff they teach us. Mother teaches us through life experiences they have lived through. As we spent a lot of time with our mothers, we tend to pick up on their behaviours. Unconsciously we learn to act like our moms.

Even after we are babies, our mothers help us learn. We can know our mothers are there for us even if we do not hear their heartbeat. As we grow, we learned to like other genres of music. It is a way to listen to a similar sound to what our mother’s music box makes; we do this though we do not realize it. We have learned to learn without our mother’s heartbeat because we listen to music that has a beat that reminds us of the heart’s sound to satisfy our needs.

Music is meant to be heard, but one can also feel it. We can feel the emotion the music is portraying. For instance, a mother’s heartbeat can make a child feel at peace. At the same time, a person can feel the physical vibrations of music. This is very important to a person with a hearing impairment as they use vibrations to hear and feel the music, which they have learned to do so in the womb. Some people with hearing disabilities learned about a piece like everyone else did, in the womb.

In the future, that same heartbeat that we heard in the womb can make one want to learn and prosper. It can be the sole purpose one wants to get an education and learn, to listen to the beautiful heartbeat full of joy when one becomes successful. For example, my life can show how a mother’s heartbeat is the best music for learning.

Here is my story:

My father abandoned my mother as soon as he found out of my coming. He did not want the responsibilities that I would cast upon him, so he disappeared out of the picture both physically and financially. My mom was left to fend, not just for herself, but for me, which she has done until this very day. When my mom decided to take full responsibility of me, I could hear her heartbeat, but she could also hear mine, which, filled her with joy. I was born premature weighing only three pounds and 15 ounces. Everyone thought I would not make it, but I had my mom at my side, and every time she held me, I could feel her heartbeat which gave me a will to live.

When I was in middle school, we received terrible news; my mom was diagnosed with cancer, threatening the heartbeat I had grown with. This had a significant impact on my life. I was not prepared to lose my mom; I was not really to stop hearing her heartbeat; she was the only thing I had. I also knew that she was not ready to let her music box stop. I saw her cry and pray every day; she wanted to live so I could have someone to fend for me. I saw her battled the monster that was within her for many months until she defeated it.

Due to all the things my mom has done for me, she is my most significant influence. From an early age, she taught me to work hard and never to give up. My mom was a young, single mother who chooses to live the best life she could. She had little to no education, no knowledge of the English language, and at one point, cancer. Though she had short, she was rich in love and determination to overcome adversity and triumph.

My ultimate goal would be to repay my mom for everything she has done for me, including buying her a house and taking care of her when she can no longer take care of herself. This is some of my goals because I consider my mother to be my universe. Ever since I was a child, I have seen her struggle to make ends meet, and she has never given up. She works long days and nights for me to achieve my American Dream. Even though she does this with no intentions of repaying her, I would like to give back to her shortly. Being said this, I knowledge that education is the only key to accomplishing my goals; therefore, I have decided to devote myself to all that education has to offer me. This is why I say that a mother’s heartbeat is the best music for learning.

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