8 strongest dangerous and fearless dog breeds in the world

8 strongest dangerous and fearless dog breeds in the world

Meet the 10 most dangerous dog in the world, extreme loyal dog

If we talk about the most faithful animal for humans, then the dog comes first. But there are also some breeds in dogs that are aggressive They were breed to fight and hunt But they must be trained and socialized since childhood. As you know that a lion can also be domesticated by giving good training and if a good training is not given, a wolf can become a lion knowing a domesticated wolf. And today we will read about the 8 dangerous dog breeds that have been banned in the world Which 8 Top Most Dangerous Dog Breeds of the World?

Number.8 Fila Brasileiro

This dog breed is from brazil  Also called Brazilian mastic Its height is 65 to 75 cm and it weighs between 41 to 50 kg. This dog bread was made for dangerous animals like pigs and leopards. This dog is very attached to its This dog breed is also known as a tremendous guard. . This dog doesn’t like anything special to strangers If someone bothers this dog, who does not like someone here, then they do not leave you This is such a powerful dog that this dog is enough to drive away the entire crowd of government animals. At times, it even gets out of control of its owner. It prefers to attack more than the dog speaking They take a lot of dangerous karate while sleeping So it can be difficult to keep them indoors. This dog breed is dangerous UK Israel Malta Denmark Norway banned in this country. 

Number.7 Jack Russell Terrier

This dog was created set out in England 200 years ago to hunt foxes The smaller they are in the height, the more dangerous they are in reality. Their height is 34 to 38 cm And the weight is up to 8 KG. They are very active independent and cleaver. If you are bringing the dog of this dog breed home, then there are no cats in the house to confirm. Because even after training this animal, this animal does not desist from hunting small animals So this dog rush is not for anyone. You will be surprised to know that these small dog beds were top in the list of dog breed attacking humans.

Number.6 Tosa lnu

 This dog breed is from japan They were breed as a fighter dog It is also known as Japanese  Tosa. Its height is 82 cm And weight is up to 60 kg. This dog breed has been used for bloody games in Japan for centuries, it is the very male dog breed. It is very attached to its owner This is the reason why they don’t like any other dog around them. If you are bringing home the dog breed of this breed, then confirm that there is no dog of any other bread around Otherwise you are putting your other dog in danger. That’s why this dog breed Denmark Spain USA France Italy Singapore Australia has bands in 17 countries like New Zealand Despite this, A Dog Rate is included in the world’s most expansive dog breed.

Number.5 Kangal

 The strong race belongs to a town in Kangal, Turkey The height of this dog is 77 to 86 cm and weight Ranges from 50 to 60 KG From the beginning, they have been reared to protect cattle from wolves and other wild animals. Dogs of this breed are very brave loyal and strong. The most dangerous thing about this dog is its bite power, which is 743 PSI (Pounds is square inch) When the bite force of humans is 120 psi And the lion has 650 psi One and a half times more than a leopard and 2 times more than a wolf That is, if this dog gets angry on someone, then his death is confirmed That is, you can say that it is better to get stuck in the jaw of a lion than to get stuck in the jaw of the kangal But due to its aggressive behavior, this dog breed is better compare to pitbull and Dogo argentino. This dog bed is a complete band in Ukraine

Number.4 Great Dane

This is the world’s longest height dog breed Its height is 86 cm and the weight is up to 90 KG. This dog breed that if not trained well in childhood, then it becomes very dangerous due to its tall height and its high weight And can cause the death of others That’s why dogs of this breed have another name Killing Machine. The last death due to this dog bite was in South Karolina in 2003 When a 2-year-old girl died in the mouth of a Great Dane bite It is imperative to train with such love, by doing power it becomes confused and destructing Dogs of this breed are rarely found in the world So its price is also very high Its name is also included in the Guinness Book of World Records because of the height Where its length is recorded up to 7 feet

Number.3 Tibetan Mastiff

As the dog’s name suggests, it belongs to Tibet. Tibet China Mongolia The nomads of India and Nepal raised the dogs of this breed to take care of the sheep and goats. The height of these dogs is 61 to 71 cm and their weight is 54 kg. Dogs of this breed look like lions due to their long and thick hair That is why it is also called lion dog. Tibetan Mastiff is a Stubborn and Will Power Don. To control them, its owner must also be powerful. This dog of the Tibetan Mastiff breed was purchased by an urbanite from China for $ 3.3 million This world’s most expensive dog is considered a status symbol in China This is the reason why dogs of this breed are very much in demand in China As a result of the bite, many of Amador have been injured in China.

Number.2 Presa Canario  

Due to this, Dog are also known by the name of Dogo Canario and Kinari Mastiff They are Spanish breed dogs Their height is 60 to 65 centimeters and weighs 60 kg. Presa Canario is ranked on the top of the world’s dangerous dogs It is necessary to train them since childhood. And socialize also If you do not give proper attention to these dogs then they prove to be dangerous for strangers and other dogs. Dogs of this breed do not attack unless their mouths are raised for attack. Dogs of this breed are slightly infamous due to attack on humans. From 1983 to 2004, this dog comes in number four in terms of attacks on humans and killing From this breed dog you can get an idea of ​​how dangerous these dogs are, owners, who are not fond of dogs before, they are better for dogs of which breed.  What kind of edges are very loyal to their owner, that’s why they do not obey other animals and humans What they don’t know

Number.1 Dogo Argentino

Argentina’s most famous dog breed height is 60 to 70 cm and weight is up to 50 kg This is an A These are medium to large white-colored dogs These dogs were used for the dangerous hunting of dogs in olden times and for the care of animals. Their dangerous jaw strong head and powerful dirty neck make them more powerful. Despite being so dangerous, dogs of this breed are considered very friendly. You will never forget what happened to anchor Carrie Delhi during a live program in 2012 He was made a small dog by a dog named Gladiator of this breed, due to which he had to put 20 stitches on his mouth. Anchor carrie Dehli Just wanted to kiss Gladiator with the gladiator did not like and bite it on their mouth Because of which there were 20 stitches on the anchor’s mouth. This dog breed is banned in about 10 countries.


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